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We are all worried about our online privacy these days so we thought we should probably say something about your privacy when using this site. Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) on your computer, tablet or mobile phone to enable functionality on a website (for example storing user preferences). No personal data is stored in our cookies and they cannot contain a virus.

Your Email Address
There are a few reasons why you might choose to give us your email address:

You subscribe to our newsletter.

Your email address is stored securely although not always on our server.

Newsletter subscriptions are held on Mailchimp. For information on their privacy policies please visit their website.

That said we can promise you that we will never share your email address with anybody outside these suppliers and our own company IPS-Group A/S.

If at any point you wish your email address removed from any of these systems just drop us an email at

We use cookies on the IPS-Group A/S website to track user activity on the site and to enable various types of functionality.

While we will endeavour to keep the list below updated, the IPS-Group A/S site relies on many third party services and the list may therefore become out of date if those services alter the cookies they use.

Please note that all of these Cookies exist to enable functionality on the website and not for advertising purposes. If you do not wish these cookies to be tracked you can disable them in your browser, but this may negatively effect your experience on the site.

There are two types of cookie you may encounter when using this website:

First party cookies
These are our own cookies, controlled by us and used to provide information about usage of our site.

Third party cookies
These are cookies found in other companies’ internet tools which we are using to enhance our site, for example Facebook or Twitter have their own cookies, which are controlled by them.

How Long Cookies Are Stored
Cookies delete themselves after a certain number of months (the number may vary), but they are refreshed after each visit.

How To Delete Or Block Cookies
How to delete cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer
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How to delete cookies in Safari browser
Google Analytics (website traffic measurement tool)

The website uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure traffic on the website. You can block cookies from Google Analytics here:

If you have any questions or concerns about the cookies use on this site feel free to email us and we will do our best to help.