Duster Plus

Duster – the best choice for a wipe that traps dust and won’t let go!

The Ultimate Dust-Trap.

No amount of dust can escape the innovative Duster wipe.
Duster wipes are specially designed with a pressure-sensitive tackifier, a gluey substance on the wipe that traps dust effectively without leaving residue on surfaces or on your hands. The wipe also features a unique open structure that captures the
dust in the wipe and keeps it there. The result is a lightweight wipe that offers absolute dust pick-up with ease of use. Duster Plus is perfect for dusting furniture, computers, desks, bathrooms and electronic equipment, leaving a perfect dustfree surface, every time.

The most effective way to remove dust, for good!

Main PGI Chicopee Wipes uses

  • Office Cleaning
  • Building Care
  • Painting Applications
  • Electronics
  • Computer Industry
  • Health Care

Product features

  • Pressure-sensitive tackifier
  • Open structure
  • No residue
  • Low linting
  • Silicone free
  • User friendly