• Compliant with WHO and recommandations from
    International Health Regulations
  • Compliant with regulations from Ministries of
    health in Australia and in New Zealand
  • Effective on numerous crawling and flying
  • Non flammable aerosol formula
  • Easy to use
  • Dry diffusion for maximum efficacy

Product number: AR0000316


Pre-flight hold disinsection:
Follow instructions from the «Schedule of Aircraft
Disinsection Procedure for flights into Australia and
New Zealand».
Must be carried out after all cargo has been loaded and
prior to hold door closure.

  1. Place the aerosol in a secure upright position.
  2. Activate the lock down nozzle.
  3. Close the hold doors.
  4. Leave empty cans in the lower holds, these
    will be retrieved by ground handlers at the airport


  • One-piece aluminium can – internally lacquered
  • Internal pressure : 12 bars
  • Bursting pressure : equal or above 18 bars
  • Shelf life printed on each can
  • Active ingredients : 2 % of Permethrin (cis:trans
    25/75), 2% of D-Phenothrin


  • Compatible with aircraft materials : AMS 1450 A
  • Referenced on Airbus Consumable Material List : CML 14-010
  • Compliant with WHO’s recommendations for disinsection of aircraft
  • Registered with the French Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) – Inventory N° 4154 / Product Type 18 – As part of EU Biocidal Products Regulation n°528/2012.
  • Assessed by W.H.O. as part of the IPCS (Int’l Programme on Chemical Safety) 1989
  • Permethrin approved as per the EU Biocidal Products Regulation n°528/2012, for use as Product Type 18 (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) n°1090/2014)
  • PSA certified to ISO 9001 version 2008 (since 10/07/2006)
  • NATO Code : FA2X6

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