Screen2P Wear

Insecticide for the impregnation of fabrics.

Features & Benefits

  • Aqueous emulsion with 4% permethrin, and an emulsifying agent of plant origin
  • Optimum protection against mosquito bites through clothing with a double effect: repellent and knock-down
  • Fragrance-free formula
  • Effective against flying and crawling insects: Flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, cockroaches.
  • Retains its efficacy up to 5 washes at 40°C.
  • Does not alter the textile.
  • Does not leave marks or stains on the treated fabric.
  • To protect areas of skin that are not covered use the Icaridin 20% Skin2P body lotion


Can be applied to all types of fabric: clothing, sackcloth, tents, curtains. Resists 5 washings.
Available in 2 formats:

  • Gas-free spray in HDPE, leak proof due to the crimped pump. Sturdy packaging that can be recycled.
  • Non-flammable aerosol, propelled with an inert gas, facilitates application.

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