Skin2P Body

Skin repellent spray for the prevention of bites by mosquitoes, which are disease vectors.

Product number: AR0006187 / AR0006185

Features & Benefits

Forms a protective screen against mosquitoes and other biting insects in infested areas.
– Provides protection which has been demonstrated against bites for 8 hours.
– Moisturising formula, can be used several times a day.
– Non-flammable, an aqueous base formulation.
– No greasy sticky effect, does not stain.
– Alcohol-free, does not alter clothing accessories.

Available in 2 formats:

  • Gas-free spray in HDPE, leak proof due to the crimped pump. Sturdy packaging that can be recycled.
  • Non-flammable aerosol, propelled with an inert gas, facilitates application.

40% of bites occur through clothing so also use the clothing insecticide, SCREEN 2P WEAR


  • Ideal in tropical areas, on the Aedes, Anopheles and Culex strains.
  • May be applied to the entire body except the mucous membranes.
  • Suitable for children over the age of 24 months and pregnant women.


• Efficacy proven in accordance with the protocol described by the WHO for skin repellent products (WHO/HTM/NTD/WHOPES/2009.4), World Health Organisation, 2009.

• Registered under the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy – n° 36390 / Biocide Regulation n°528/2012 – PT19

• Compliant with the recommendations for “vector control personal protection” good practice from the SFP* and SMV* – 29/09/2010

• Compliant with the BEH (French weekly epidemiological bulletin) recommendations and listed in the BEH n° 20-21 published 09 June 2015

• PSA certified to ISO 9001 version 2008 (since 10/07/2006)

• NATO Code : FA2X6

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