Alize Foaming Hand Wash Soap

Dermatologically Tested Foaming Hand Soap.

Product number: 9126

Packaging: 300ml bottle, 36 units per carton / 5L bottle, 4 units per carton


Thoughtfully formulated with plant-derived ingredients, Alizé foaming hand soap leaves your hands feeling soft and safe, with a light green tea scent that is luxurious. Biodegradable and dermatologically tested, Alizé foaming hand soap is kind to both your skin and the environment.

Alizé Foaming Hand Soap is designed to be inserted into a purpose-made holder, attached to the basin area inside aircraft lavatories.

Apply evenly on your hands, moisten with water, lather and rinse well.

Technical Data

  • Dermatologically tested – kind to sensitive skin
  • Unique foaming technology – resulting in less water usage onboard aircrafts
  • Formulated includes plant-derived ingredients
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Free from the following:
    • BHT
    • PEG compounds
    • EDTA
    • Siloxanes
    • Formaldehyde
    • Coal tar dyes
    • SLES / SLS
    • Ethanolamine compounds
    • Palm oils


  • PSA certified to ISO 9001 version 2008 (since 10/07/2006)
  • NATO Code : FA2X6

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