Sontara® PrintClean L – in Rolls

Sontara® PrintClean offers a high cleaning standard for optimal printing quality.

Pre-press cleaning: The low linting feature of Sontara® PrintClean makes it ideal for all prepress work.

Blanket and roller manual cleaning: Thanks to its solvent resistance, high strength and low linting characteristics, Sontara® PrintClean exceeds in roller, cylinder and blanket cleaning. Perfect balance between solvent absorbency and release.

Printing plate cleaning: The strength of Sontara® PrintClean combined with its low lint content and high absorbency of both solvents and viscous liquids is critical for the effective cleaning of printing plates.

Ink system cleaning: The high absorbency and outstanding chemical resistance of Sontara® PrintClean make it well suited for the difficult cleaning of ink jet nozzles and the rest of the inking system.

Chill rolls cleaning: The strength and absorbency of Sontara® PrintClean is particularly welcomed for the effective cleaning of printing rolls.

Mechanical parts cleaning: the high abrasion resistance and strength of Sontara® PrintClean are strong arguments for its use in cleaning gears, switches and other mechanical parts of the press.


Product Specs

  • Product number: 2093
  • Product name: SONTARA® PRINTCLEAN L – IN ROLLS D 1379 1281
  • Colour / Material: Turquoise / 9955
  • Grams/m2 (gsm): 80
  • Sheet size: 325mm x 420mm

Packaging: 500 wipes / roll
36 rolls / pallet