Veboschmidt Aeroclean IC 230

Aeroclean IC 230 is recommended both as a basic cleaner for difficult stains as well as a universal cleaner for regular cleaning.


The concentration is applied by spray or cloth onto the surfaces. Leave it shortly on the surface to get the best result. The product is gentle on plastic surfaces, leather and plexiglass in the cabin area. It is ideal for cleaning of tables, seats, armrests, overhead storages, floors and ceilings.

Technical Data

Product number: VS01-500ml, VS01-10L, VS01-20L, VS01-210L, VS01-1000L

Size: 12 x 500ml / 10 liters / 20 liters / 210 liters / 1000 liters


  • AMS 1550B
  • Boeing D6-17487
  • BSS7434 (Note: BOEING D6-7127 was cancelled and superseded by BSS7434 on 04-Jun-2019)
  • Airbus u. McDonnell Douglas regulations
  • ASTM F 487
  • LH Specification

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