Main Office

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Main Office

IPS-Group A/S
Hejreskovvej 22A
DK-3490 Kvistgård.

Phone: +45 4913 2800

Email: info@ips-group.dk
Web: ips-group.dk

CVR: 25942302

Business Development

Claus Christian Hjorth-Madsen
Managing Director

Phone: +45 49132830
Mobile: +45 27104262

Email: cchm(at)ips-group.dk

IPS-Group A/S
Att.: Management
Hejreskovvej 22A
DK-3490 Kvistgård.

Banking Details

SparNord Bank

Danish Kroner (DKK):
Reg.no: 9385 Account: 4561965272
For international transfers: IBAN-Accountnumber: DK5293854561965272 BIC-code: SPNODK22

Euro (EUR):
Reg.no: 9385 Account: 4575255049
For international transfers: IBAN-Accountnumber: DK2593854575255049 BIC-code: SPNODK22

Pound Sterling (GBP):
Reg.no: 9385 Account: 4575255057
For international transfers: IBAN-Accountnumber: DK0393854575255057 BIC-code: SPNODK22

Logistical Partners

The increasing globalisation means that goods and information is moving freely without restriction on trade or logistical barriers on transport.

To meet the diverse needs of IPS-Groups clients, our logistical partners is in a position to deliver goods from land to sea – and in the air.

Contact information on our logistical partners below.

Skanlog A/S

Skanlog  A/S
Smedeland 22
DK-2600 Glostrup

Phone: +45 43721414

Contact: skanlogcontact.com
Web: skanlog.com 

CVR: 18137542

PostNord Logistics A/S

PostNord Logistics A/S
Kirkebjerg Søpark 2
2605 Brøndby

Phone: +45 70202320

Email: kundeservice.dk@postnord.com
Web: postnordlogistics.dk

CVR: 20148586

TNT Express

TNT Express
Jernholmen 28-32
DK-2650 Hvidovre

Phone: +45 70101110

Email: kundeservice@tnt.dk
Web: tnt.com

CVR: 76562512