Military & Defence

The military and defense industry, often simply referred to as the defense industry, is a crucial sector focused on providing equipment, technology, and services to support national security and defense objectives. It encompasses a diverse array of companies, from large multinational corporations to small specialized firms, all playing pivotal roles in maintaining the military capabilities of nations around the world.

The defense industry includes a vast network of suppliers, subcontractors, and service providers. These companies contribute components, subsystems, and specialized services essential to the production and maintenance of military equipment. Industries ranging from electronics and aerospace to logistics and cybersecurity play integral roles in supporting defense programs.

Our expertise and surface treatment products are closely aligned with the stringent standards of the Military and Defence industry, which prioritize the protection of both users and equipment in operational theaters.

Military solutions and Defence platforms/systems are subject to protecting personnel at all costs. This means various precautions and certifications must be upheld in this field of work. This includes machinery, equipment, tools, weapons and manpower.

We offer high performance armour systems and composite materials, which are specialized for military tasks and security purposes.

In order to keep your personnel safe, you need the best equipment the world has to offer.