Protect Your Greatest Assets with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Performing hazardous jobs comes with high levels of uncertainty.

From volatile chemicals to hostile enemies, the brave people who work in these high-stress fields rely on innovative personal protective equipment solutions from DuPont™.

The world is changing rapidly. As more nations become industrialized and prosper, they develop a greater need for personal protective equipment.

From first responders to industrial workers to warfighters, DuPont™ provides science-based solutions to address this need for protection.

We understand that those who do the dirty work aren’t made of stone, and we’re committed to providing solutions for keeping them as safe as possible from on-the-job hazards. Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions include some of the most trusted brands in the industry: Tychem® garments for liquid and gas chemical hazards, and Tyvek® garments for dry particulate hazards. By collaborating with industries, communities, and governments, we can engineer and offer the latest personal protective equipment solutions that can help keep workers safe while they continue changing and improving the world.

Welcome to DuPont™ Personal Protection.

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Recommended donning & doffing procedures for Chemical Protective Clothing

Recommended donning & doffing procedures for Chemical Protective Clothing 2



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DuPont™ Tychem® Glove Range

How to dress and undress a protective coverall:

DuPont™ Non-Sterile Cleanroom Gowning & Removal Procedure

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