Since 1972 Socomore has specialized in the development of chemical expert solutions for preparation, protection, treatment and control of metallic or composite materials.

Over more than 35 years Socomore has gained invaluable know-how in the aerospace industry. Based in France Socomore has seven subsidiaries around the world; Germany, Spain, Poland, UK, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Russia.

Amongst its activities Socomore is engaged with:
Critical surface treatment and preparation through the products Socomore, Magchem, Dysol and PT Technologies: CICs (Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds), paint strippers, degreasers and cleaners, deoxidizers, engine line (MagChem),
Non destructive testing with products and materials Babb Co and Mag Rubber replication material
Adhesives through Dynamold range of structural adhesives or moldable shims

Socomore thus offers a wide range of expert solutions for treating, preparing and protecting metal and composite materials for manufacture and maintenance industry.

These solutions aim to build and maintain transport industries (aerospace, automotive, railways), energy or any industry linked to metals and composite. Numerous products of our ranges are approved by aerospace manufacturers.

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