Since 1972 Socomore has specialized in the development of chemical expert solutions for preparation, protection, treatment and coatings of metallic and composite materials.

Based in France, Socomore is a global partner with seven plants around the world (Canada, USA, France, Ireland), eight industrial partners and 22 subsidiaries and sales offices.

Amongst its activities Socomore is engaged with:

  • Critical surface treatment and preparation solutions for lubrication, oxide treatment, paint stripping, cleaning/degreasing, sealant removal, technical wipes under SOCOMORE, Magchem, Dysol, Elixair and other brands.
  • Coatings and surface protection for adhesion promotion, anti-erosion, conductive, corrosive protection, high temperature and glass coatings under SOCOMORE, Aeroglaze, Chemglaze and PTI brands.
  • Non Destructive Testing with products and materials for penetrant testing, magnetic testing, lightlings and ultrasonic testing under the BABBCO and Sherwin BABBCO brands.
  • Adhesives through Dynamold range of structural adhesives or moldable shims.

These solutions aim to build and maintain transport industries (aerospace, automotive, railways), energy or any industry linked to metals and composite.

SOCOMORE products are recognized worldwide and approved by the main manufacturers and players, particularly in the aerospace market.

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