IPS-Group A/S

IPS-Group A/S

IPS-Group A/S is an agency-based company, specialising in industrial innovative products and services.
Combining world-class expertise and future-focused technologies, we try to meet the specific needs of our customers. IPS – a progressive partner for your business.

Food Processing

High quality food and service wipes are essential in an industry where cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance.

Healthcare / Pharma / Biotech

Combination of different applications, such as on-board cleaning of aircrafts, meeting the requirements of the pharmaceutical and hospital environment, and the hygienic requirements in the food processing industry.


Whether you work in the light or heavy industrial sector, you can find industrial wipes that meet the specific needs of your workplace.



Solvents, cleaners and sealers

Wind Turbines

Products used as process aids for blade production such as mould cleaning, release applications and dust control.

Nonwoven wipes

For aviation, manufacturing, painting, auto, machinery and other applications.

Protective equipment

Hooded coveralls and gloves, hoods – overshoes and others.




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