High quality food and service wipes are essential in an industry where cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance. When you can’t take chances with hygiene and need the very best, reach for Chicopee food and service wipes.

Industrial kitchen wipes and more
You can find a full range of kitchen wipes at Chicopee. There are several hygiene wipes to choose from, including the single-use J-Cloth®, the durable Lavette Super and the biodegradable J-Cloth® Biodegradable. The DuraWipe is an excellent kitchen wipe for a range of light cleaning tasks, while the DuraWipe Plus is a multipurpose wipe that can be used throughout your kitchen or restaurant. When it comes to food and service wipes, Chicopee has you covered!

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Wipes for every professional
In addition to food and service wipes for industrial kitchens and restaurants, Chicopee also offers a full range of cleaning wipes for professionals working in the automotive, medical, industrial, aftermarket, and floor & surface sectors.

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ChixSC Challenge
Sanitizer Compatible Food Towel Test

The easiest, most effective and most affordable way to ensure surface sanitation.

Testing proves that cotton, paper, and many non-wove towels are not suitable for surface cleaning because they can bind with sanitizer, preventing effective concentrations of sanitizer solution from reaching surfaces.

Chicopee towels vs. regular towels

  • used in the food service industry.

Chicopee Wipes

Coffee Towel

DuraWipe Light

DuraWipe Plus

Duster Plus

J-Cloth® Plus

J-Cloth® Biodegradable and Compostable

Lavette Plus

Lavette Super

Microfibre Light

Microfibre Plus

Multipurpose Super

Stretch ‘n Dust

VeraClean Cartex Solvent Plus

VeraClean Cleanroom

VeraClean Cleanroom Sterile

VeraClean Critical Cleaning Plus

VeraClean I-Tack Light

VeraClean I-Tack Plus

VeraClean I-Tack Super

VeraClean Polish Plus

VeraClean Sealant Plus

VeraClean Sealant Super

VeraClean Soft Plus

Chicopee Dispensers

Center Feed Roll Dispenser

Dispenser Blue

Dispenser White

Hand Towel Dispenser


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