Prioritizing Sustainability: Our Commitment to the Environment

This week, we attended Interclean 2024 at RAI Amsterdam, engaging with suppliers on future products and sustainability strategies for our markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Our goal is to reduce chemical use and introduce eco-friendly nonwoven wipes to the industry.

At Interclean, we discussed the following:

  • Reusable polyester fibers for our microfiber range
  • Biodegradable wipes for surface preparation and treatment
  • Wipes made from 100% natural fibers like Lyocell/Rayon/viscose, extensively used in our IPS SatWipes Portfolio

Together, we’re shaping a greener future.

IPS-Group supports Sport ‘n’ Charity’s important work helping children with cancer.

Every year, more than 600 Danish children are being treated for cancer. Fortunately, 6 out of 7 children survive, but more than 50% of the surviving children experience disabilities following their illness.

Based on research, Sport ‘n’ Charity has developed an online training portal and assembled a training bag, which makes it possible for children with cancer to train anywhere – at home or during hospitalization.

Read more about Sport ‘n’ Charity’s here.

IPS MEA Expands Operations with a new office at Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone

We are thrilled to announce a milestone in the growth of IPS MEA, the branch office of IPS-Group for the Middle East and Africa.

We have recently finalized the signing of a lease for a larger office space located at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ).This strategic move underscores our commitment to enhancing our presence and service offerings in the region.

The new office space not only provides us with increased capacity but also positions us for further expansion and better accessibility to our clients and partners. The Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ) is renowned for its world-class infrastructure and strategic location, making it an ideal hub for businesses operating in the aerospace and aviation sectors. By establishing our presence in this dynamic environment, we are better positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and strengthen our foothold in the market.

As part of our expansion plans, IPS MEA will soon be initiating the hiring process for dedicated sales managers. These roles will play a crucial part in driving our growth strategy forward and delivering exceptional value to our clients across the Middle East and Africa.

We invite talented individuals who are passionate about the aerospace industry and eager to make a difference to stay tuned for updates on these exciting job opportunities.

Join us as we embark on this journey of expansion and innovation!

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for further announcements regarding job vacancies and other developments. We look forward to welcoming new members to our team and continuing to serve our clients with excellence.

About IPS MEA: IPS MEA is the regional branch office of IPS-Group, specializing in providing innovative solutions and services to the aerospace and aviation sectors across the Middle East and Africa. With a dedicated team of industry experts and a commitment to excellence, IPS MEA is poised to drive growth and deliver value to clients in this dynamic market.

IPS™ SatWipes® with Ethanol 70% Certifications

IPS-Group A/S is delighted to announce, that our SatWipes® with Ethanol 70% now conforms to the EN 1276:2019 & EN 1650:2019 standards.

The test reports were carried out by Abbott Analytical and can be read and downloaded below:

Test Report EN 1276 2019

Test Report EN 1650 2019

Bisnode AAA

IPS-Group A/S is very proud to announce, that we have received the credit rating AAA by Bisnode. Bisnode‘s credit rating is proof that you have a creditworthy business and thus are a healthy and stable business partner. The AAA rating shows that the company is among the most creditworthy in the Danish business community.

Femern Belt Marketplace

We are proud to announce that IPS-Group A/S is now a part of the Femern Belt Marketplace.

Femern Belt Marketplace collects all interested companies with relevant knowledge and capacity for the Fehmarn project together, so that contractors have a fast-track access to finding their future subcontractor, and companies easily can find new business partners and B2B networks.

Bisnode Gold

IPS-Group A/S is very proud to announce, that we have received the credit rating AA by Bisnode. This is only granted to 22% of all Danish companies. Bisnode‘s credit rating is proof that you have a creditworthy business and thus are a healthy and stable business partner.

ISO 9001 Certification

IPS-Group A/S is happy to announce, that we are now ISO 9001:2015 certified from today’s date. This will help support our company’s global expansion within our main industry segments and support our business model as well as strategy. During the preparation and final auditing we have received professional guidance and support from our external Quality Consultant – Henrik Rudolf from Rudolf Freelance & Consulting, who has been a key part of the entire certification process. Henrik will continue to work closely with IPS-Group A/S as an external quality consultant and help us embed the ISO 9001:2015 principles in the business DNA of our company.

We are very happy to have such a capacity as part of our team.

The certification has been issued by Lloyd’s Register.

Cleaning and Disinfection Tutorial from Etihad Airways

This video is a tutorial shown by Etihad Airways, on how they clean and disinfect their Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Abu Dhabi.

The cleaning starts from the rear to the front, and top to bottom using disinfecting agents and our Sontara MC Battleship Grey wipes. Etihad Cleaning manager Anthony Foreman explains how the airline handles the cleaning and disinfecting after flying to high risk areas.

Etihad COVID-19 Travel Updates

Many travellers have raised concerns about the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus while travelling on flights.

To minimise risk, significant measures have been implemented prior to departure, in flight and after arrival.

In addition to restrictions on travel, many countries have introduced screening of departing passengers to prevent boarding by those who are suspected of infection.

In flight, modern aircraft including the entire Etihad Airways fleet are equipped with cabin air filtration systems of similar quality to those used in hospital operating theatres.

In any confined area, there is a risk of contracting illnesses from other people.

However, the risk is considered lower on aircraft because of the use of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, which are effective in capturing more than 99 per cent of airborne microbes in filtered air.

As well, cabin air flow is continuous, and delivered at a rate equivalent to up to 30 changes per hour.

As a matter of course, Etihad undertakes detailed cleaning of its aircraft on arrival at each destination, a practice which was already in place prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus.

In addition to washrooms, galleys and other areas of the aircraft, Etihad also cleans all passenger touchpoints including seats, armrests, tray tables, video screens and control units, windows and window shades, walls, overhead lockers and locker doors.

When aircrafts arrive in Abu Dhabi, Etihad uses our Sontara® MC in Battleship Grey wipes to clean the aircrafts, as seen in the video above.

MEA Office in Abu-Dhabi


An expansion is upon IPS-Group A/S. We are very excited to announce, that we have opened our first office in Abu-Dhabi. This will optimize our operations in the Middle East and provide new business opportunities and partnerships alike. Our Sales Manager Jayakrishnan Jayarajan will lead the MEA program with his expertise and great networking skills, and we are looking forward to providing our services to the Middle Eastern market.

IPS-Group is now a part of Airline Suppliers


We are very happy to announce, that IPS-Group is now a part of the worldwide aerospace platform Airline Suppliers.

Airline Suppliers is the global Airline industry’s number one meeting place for Operators, Vendors, Airlines, Authorities, MRO’s, Catering, Retail, Regional Operators, Ground Handlers, Consultants and OEM’s. They also cover all aspects of modern aircraft cabin innovations, and showcases the latest and most innovative solutions including airline IT, passenger experience technology, in-flight entertainment, comfort and maintenance.

The IPS-Group company profile can be found via the link below:


EU gold for Denmark’s only defense cluster



We are proud to announce that our partner CenSec, Denmark’s only cluster network for companies in the defense industry, has been awarded the Gold certificate within the European Cluster Excellence program. This Gold certification is the highest recognition a European cluster can achieve.

CenSec – Center for Defense, Space & Security is the only Danish defense cluster, and has gained a place in the European super elite.

They have been awarded the coveted gold label, following a comprehensive certification process, where working methods, finances and results have been closely reviewed.

Read more HERE

Jacob Holm specification changes

IPS-Group A/S would like to announce, that Jacob Holm has made important changes to their aerospace certifications. On July 3, 2019, Boeing released a revision of BMS15-5H that contains the following changes:


The specification is being superseded as follows:

a. BMS15-5, Class A – superseded by AMS3819, Class 1, 2, or 4, Grade A or B, Form 1.

b. BMS15-5, Class B – superseded by AMS3819, Class 1, 2, or 4, Grade A or B, Form 1.

c. The above supersession applies to new procurement, except procurement to the revision G, QPL Rev J is permitted until 7/1/2020.

d. Existing stock of wipers can be used until depleted.

“NOTE: BMS15-5 Class A and B are most similar to AMS3819 Grade B. AMS3819 Grade A is designed for use in cleaning operations where exceptionally low residual surface contamination levels are required.”

CenSec is now a part of the network

CenSec (Centre of Security industry in Denmark) is with 130 partnership companies, the primary cluster organization among the small-and medium-sized Danish companies that are, or want to become suppliers of defence, space and security industries, as well as rail, off-shore and the maritime industry. CenSec was founded in 2004 and established in 2007 as an industrial network. In 2018 CenSec was approved by the Ministry of education and research to also be the “National innovation network of Security” (Inno-Sec). Inno-Sec has an aim to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises in the three industries: Defence, Space and Security. CenSec cooperates closely with industry organizations, authorities and networks in all industrial areas.

We are very happy to announce that IPS-Group A/S is now a part of CenSec and we will be looking to utilize every opportunity in this strong network.

IPS-Group is back in the partner network at Rungsted Ice Hockey

IPS-Group is very pleased to announce, that we are once again included in the partner network at Rungsted Ice Hockey Club. This cooperation involves, among other things, that IPS-Group will continue to deliver the legendary and high-profile Hildon Mineral Water from England to the hockey club in North Zealand. Because of this occasion, we call upon all to enjoy a fast-paced hockey game and taste a refreshing water in the lounge at Rungsted Seier Capital.

Energy Insight Yearbook

Yearbook about the Danish offshore industry. In depth articles about the oil & gas and wind energy sectors.

This issue features IPS-Group A/S on page 50.


IPS-Group as an exciting new partner in Rungsted

There is still an inflation of exciting new partnerships in Rungsted Ice Hockey’s partner network, which now includes an international long-term partnership with IPS-Group A/S. IPS-Group has gone through a rapid development in the last few years, where IPS-Group has developed a wide portfolio of technologies, products and services at the highest level.

With a wide range of international suppliers and partners, IPS-Group is competitive in consumables for critical wiping and treatment of surfaces in different markets and industries. IPS-Group also provides consumables for the automotive industry, aerospace industry, food industry, pharma/bio-industrial, wind industry and much more.

We are looking forward to our new partnership with Rungsted Ishockey Klub.

PGI Name change

We have some important news to share. As you know, our company has undergone significant transformation over the past 18 months, bringing four companies together to create a powerful portfolio of technologies, products and services. We are now truly a specialty materials company.
To acknowledge and celebrate this new scale and strategic direction, we are rebranding our company. Along with the leadership team, I am very excited to announce the new name!
To make a difference, we also need to do things differently. To make progress and increase value, we will continue to challenge the conventional, the traditional, the business-as-usual. Our new name reflects this commitment to advance and create innovative and differentiated solutions that solve real problems for our customers and the world.
In the coming days, weeks, and months PGI will transition to AVINTIV. As changes occur we will ensure that you are kept informed at each stage of the process. Our strong product brands will remain and continue to play a vital role in our portfolio.
Please feel free to contact your sales representative should you have any questions or comments.
We are delighted to share this news with our customers, as it will enable us to further ensure our mutual success through the continued evolution as a specialty materials company.
Best regards,

”This change and strategic focus is in sync with the values and goals of IPS and therefore IPS embraces this transformation of PGI into Avintiv”  states Sales Director Claus Christian Hjorth-Madsen


New supplier: Marbocote

IPS has been appointed to distribute Marbocote in Scandinavia, especially aimed at the windmill and related industries, a market IPS has been a supplier to the last 15 years. Reference to Claus Hjorth Madsen CEO of IPS-Group.




Press release: IPS Surface Cleaners

IPS Surface Cleaners represent a completely new development in the area of ester-based micro-emulsions, which outperforms most other products when cleaning oil and grease from hard surfaces.

IPS Surface Cleaner – Introduction

For more information contact our Sales Manager Claus Christian Hjorth-Madsen on +45 2710 4262 or through

IPS-group – new partner: Sanistål A/S

IPS is delighted to announce that Sanistål has become an official partner with IPS in distributing the technical wipes from Sontara and DuPont Personal Protection to major enterprises in Denmark.

“This deal is very important for IPS and will support our strategy of becoming the leading supplier of technical nonwoven material in Denmark” states Sales Director Claus Christian Hjorth-Madsen

Please contact IPS for further questions


IPS distributor for Chicopee in Denmark

IPS-Group can hereby announce that the company has officially become a distributor for Chicopee in Denmark.

Chicopee is a brand under Polymer Group Inc. based in Cuijk, Holland, who are known for its extensive range of nonwoven solutions among others.

It’s a great step for the company and it fully supports our strategy to become the leading provider of technical wipes and nonwovens for industrial purposes..” says Sales Director Claus Christian Hjorth-Madsen.

All Chicopee products are available from this moment.

Please contact us for further questions.

IPS – Member of the Danish Wind Industry

At IPS Group A/S, we are happy to be welcomed by the Board, as a Member of the Danish Wind Industry Association.

The Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA) is an interest and industry association with more than 240 members across Denmark.

DWIA’s members consist of wind turbine manufacturers, energy companies and the wide range of companies that provide components, services and consultancy.

DWIA manages the interests of the members and create the framework for the various fora, in which members can utilise the potential in knowledge sharing and exchange experiences with players within and outside the industry.

Furthermore DWIA promotes member interests on both the national and international political stages.

Visit The Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA)