IPS™ Solutions: Surface Cleaners
IPS-Group A/S, previously known as CPS A/S, is a supplier of specialty chemicals, with several patents in solvent chemistry – was nominated to the Danish patent price some years ago.

NEW CHEMISTRY – applying water based, vegetable esters as solvent replacements.

Our vision can best be expressed by following statements:

  • product development is based on renewable raw materials such as fatty acids and esters
  • products which are safe to use, safe to store and safe to handle
  • products which are environmentally friendly and easy biological degradable

IPS Product Catalogue

IPS HV Cleaning Kit introduction

Product Range for Coronavirus Treatment


IPS Surface Cleaner 63x

IPS Surface Cleaner

IPS Polyester Cleaner 100x

IPS Satwipes Solutions

IPS SatWipes® Solutions

IPS SatWipes® with Citrus Cleaner

IPS SatWipes® Flexible

IPS SatWipes® with Ethanol 70

IPS SatWipes® with 99% IPA – Single Packed

IPS SatWipes® with 100% IPA

IPS SatWipes® with 100% Ethanol

IPS SatWipes® with Ethanol/IPA

IPS SatWipes® with Ethanol/IPA 75

IPS SatWipes® with PF Solvent

IPS SatWipes® with MEK

IPS SatWipes® for Degreasing

IPS HV Cleaning Kit

IPS Wipers

IPS Classic

IPS Classic HydroPlus

IPS Classic ColorCoded

IPS Classic ColorCoded Bio

IPS Microfiber Cloth

IPS Blue Wipe JM1

IPS TackRags

IPS TackRag TCE500HT

IPS TackRag TP65

IPS TackRag TRX 3