IPS™ Solutions: Surface Cleaners
IPS-Group A/S, previously known as CPS A/S, is a supplier of specialty chemicals, with several patents in solvent chemistry – was nominated to the Danish patent price some years ago.

NEW CHEMISTRY – applying water based, vegetable esters as solvent replacements.

Our vision can best be expressed by following statements:

  • product development is based on renewable raw materials such as fatty acids and esters
  • products which are safe to use, safe to store and safe to handle
  • products which are environmentally friendly and easy biological degradable

IPS HV Cleaning Kit Introduction

Product Range for Coronavirus Treatment

IPS Satwipes Solutions

IPS™ SatWipes® Solutions

IPS™ HV Cleaning Kit

IPS™ SatWipes® with Acetone

IPS™ SatWipes® with Citrus Cleaner PV

IPS™ SatWipes® for Cable Cleaning

IPS™ SatWipes® for Degreasing

IPS™ SatWipes® with 100% Ethanol

IPS™ SatWipes® with Ethanol 70

IPS™ SatWipes® Flexible

IPS™ SatWipes® Flexible Aerospace

IPS™ SatWipes® with 100% IPA

IPS™ SatWipes® with 99% IPA – Single Packed

IPS™ SatWipes® with 90% IPA/10% Demin. Water

IPS™ SatWipes® with 70% IPA/30% Demin. Water

IPS™ SatWipes® with MEK

IPS™ SatWipes® Reusable Dispenser

IPS Wipes

IPS™ Blue Wipe JM1

IPS™ Classic

IPS™ Classic HydroPlus in Rolls

IPS™ Classic ColorCoded

IPS™ Classic ColorCoded Bio

IPS™ Microfiber Cloth

IPS TackRags

IPS™ TackRag TCE500HT

IPS™ TackRag TP65

IPS™ TackRag TRX 3

IPS Accessories

Wall Mount for IPS™ SatWipes® Dispenser

Wall Dispenser for Top Packs

Metal holder & Plastic Cover for Sontara® pop-up box

Stainless steel Floor Stand for Sontara® rolls

Standard Wallholder for dispenserpacks

Epoxy coated Floor Stand for Sontara® rolls

IPS Wall Hanger for Sontara Rolls


IPS™ Hand Gel