Coffee Towel

The hygienic and safe way to clean your machine

The steam wand is an integral part of your coffee machine. But, if not properly maintained, it can be a breeding ground for hazardous bacteria and can cause mechanical malfunction. The Chicopee Coffee Towel offers the following benefits to ensure simple and effective cleaning and it’s unique colour also means it ensures a thorough HACCP process, and reduces the risk of incorrect use.

Size: 43 x 32 cm

Product number: 74717 (Orange) / 74747 (Purple)

Main Uses

  • Coffee bars
  • Catering
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Product Features

  • Heat resistant (250°C) – Tested for ISO 12127
  • Food Contact Clearance approved – Vital for use with milk
  • Open wave structure – Improved bacteria pick-up, easier to rinse and re-use.
  • Machine washable – For repeated use