Multipurpose Super

Extra strength, extra size, extra convenient Super-Twill!

Multipurpose – Size & Durability Go Hand in Hand  Multipurpose is a multifunctional industrial cloth that is extra strong, extra large and extra durable, ideal for use in both
light and heavy industry. Designed for efficient cleaning of machinery parts and components, Multipurpose offers a fast solution to keeping the workbench clean.

Multipurpose is super strong and durable under extreme conditions. Powerfully heat resistant and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 210ºC, Multipurpose can be used on machinery that has not completely cooled down, offering an efficient cleaning solution in different temperature conditions.

Multipurpose offers an effective clean without compromising on the strength and integrity of the cloth. Multipurpose is suitable for wet or dry cleaning, to perform on almost all surfaces, in almost all conditions. Designed to withstand tough and rigorous cleaning jobs, the Multipurpose doesn’t rip or shred, and won’t leave behind a messy trail of lint.Multipurpose features an innovative open weave structure that creates outstanding absorbency and excellent pick up of grease and dirt, yet at the same time, the cloth is incredibly durable and totally reliable, and it won’t tear during use.

Size: 34 x 32 cm / 34 x 53 cm / 60 x 32 cm / 55 x 32 cm / 40 x 32 cm

Product number: 74710 (White) / 74712 (White) / 84605 (White) / 84607 (White) / 84609 (White) / 74711 (Blue) / 74128 (Blue) / 84608 (Blue)

Main Uses

  • Heavy industry
  • Metal and white goods industry
  • Power industry
  • Service engineers
  • Manufacturing

Product Features

  • Super strong – Both wet and dry
  • Durable & reliable
  • Open structure
  • Multiple uses
  • Absorbent
  • Heat resistant (210ºC)
  • Very low lint
  • Solvent resistant
  • Jumbo size