VeraClean Polish Plus

Soft and smooth, VeraClean Polish Plus is the high-level polishing wipe for every environment.

VeraClean Polish Plus lifts off dust and dirt.

Ideal for use as a polishing wipe, VeraClean Polish Plus is a velvet-soft cleaning cloth that works perfectly in critical environments, ensuring that no sensitive surfaces are scratched. VeraClean Polish Plus also works well in cooperation with most chemicals and polishing paste, meeting all required standards.

VeraClean Polish Plus adds a shine to every workplace.

Size: 34 x 32 cm / 43 x 53 cm / 43 x 50 cm / 61 x 53 cm

Product number: 74101 / 74103 / 74104 / 74138

Main Uses

  • Maintenance and repair of office equipment
  • Electronics and computer industries
  • Laboratories
  • Gold and silver processing
  • Health Care
  • Printing and associated industries

Product Features

  • Extremely soft and supple
  • Excellent for polishing
  • Absorbs water, oil, and ink with ease
  • Very low lint
  • Highly absorbent
  • Silicone free
  • Resistant to most solvents and chemicals

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