VeraClean Soft Plus

Durable and soft, VeraClean Soft Plus (formerly known as Triko-Tex) is the efficient solution for delicate cleaning.

Heavy cleaning for light industry.

VeraClean Soft Plus combines maximum dirt absorption with ultimate softness for comfortable, effective cleaning. The unique open structure provides excellent pick up of fine industrial dirt, such as toner and dust. A highly absorbent solution for a range of fluids, such as water, oil or ink, VeraClean Soft Plus is ideal for use in all areas of light industry.

VeraClean Soft Plus – the favorite workbench companion.

Size: 61 x 53 cm / 43 x 53 cm / 34 x 32 cm

Product number: 74119 / 74121 / 74124

Main Uses

  • Maintenance and repair of office equipment
  • Electronics and computer industries
  • Laboratories
  • Gold and silver processing
  • Health Care
  • Printing and associated industries

Product Features

  • Strong and durable
  • Soft and Supple
  • Unique open structure
  • Low lint
  • Absorbs water, oil, ink with ease
  • Silicone free
  • Resistant to most solvents and chemicals