IPS™ SATWIPES® with 90% IPA/10% Demin. Water

For the preparation of surfaces before bonding and painting and the removal of excess sealant squeeze-out.

Product Advantages

The system of pre-saturated wipes provides economic, environmental and safety advantages for users compared to the method of using loose solvent with cloths. It helps to:

  • Standardise cleaning and preparation operations,
  • Improve quality and production line performance,
  • Lower the quantity of product used,
  • Reduce waste: for the same surface, the volume of wipes used is 5 to 10 times less than the volume of traditional cloths,
  • Reduce VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) by 65% to 100% as targeted by the European Legislation
  • Improve users’ safety:
    • Drastically reduces the quantity of solvent released in the atmosphere
    • No risk of accidental spillage of drums full of flammable liquids (fire hazard)
    • Pre-saturated wipes are easy to use, handle and store compared to cloths and solvent drums.

Packaging & Sizes

Number of wipes per bucket: 200

Buckets per carton: 3

Cartons per pallet: 40

Size (mm): 165 x 300

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Product number: 7070HA

IPS™ SatWipes® with 90% IPA/10% Demin. Water is a centerfeed roll in a bucket, which eases transportation and usage.
Remember to put the lid back on to prevent the wipes from drying out.
These buckets are easy to use in everyday tasks.