IPS™ SatWipes® with 99% IPA – Single Packed

These wipes impregnated with 2.5 ml of isopropyl alcohol are intended for cleaning and disinfection on all surfaces, and allows removal of adhesive, resin and glue residues. They also degrease surfaces before bonding, allowing perfect and prolonged adhesion. Finally, they are very useful for cleaning optic fiber connections.

Product Advantages

The system of pre-saturated wipes provides economic, environmental and safety advantages for users compared to the method of using loose solvent with cloths. It helps to:

  • Standardise cleaning and preparation operations,
  • Improve quality and production line performance,
  • Lower the quantity of product used,
  • Reduce waste: for the same surface, the volume of wipes used is 5 to 10 times less than the volume of traditional cloths,
  • Reduce VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) by 65% to 100% as targeted by the European Legislation
  • Improve users’ safety:
    • Drastically reduces the quantity of solvent released in the atmosphere
    • No risk of accidental spillage of drums full of flammable liquids (fire hazard)
    • Pre-saturated wipes are easy to use, handle and store compared to cloths and solvent drums.

Packaging & Sizes

Number of wipes per sachet: 1

Sachets per parcel: 1.000

Sachets per pallet: 66.000

Size (mm): 140 x 150

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Product number: 7025

  • Available in single packs which eases use in workshops and increases wipe efficiency.
  • Large range of presaturation solutions such as Ethanol. Depending on how wipes are to be used. For any other solvent-based or water-based saturation solution, please contact us.