For the preparation of surfaces before bonding and painting and the removal of excess sealant squeeze-out.

Product Description

MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) is used as a solvent to strip away dirt, adhesives, glues, greases and other shop messes. It can be used to clean surfaces before painting or for prepping parts before installation. It’s even useful in the refurbishing industry for stripping away contaminates when preparing a part for reuse. Sometimes referred to as butanone, MEK is popular in all types of industries from military outfits to aerospace giants and beyond. With superior cleaning power and the ability to dissolve away even the toughest residues and disinfectants, IPS® SatWipes® with MEK is sure to help you clean up your act.

MEK is an organic compound. It’s colorless and is a liquid at room temperatures, but it has a sharp, sweet odor that’s easily identified. Some say that it smells like butterscotch or acetone. It is typically used in industrial settings and is readily soluble in water, making it a great choice for a variety of cleaning and stripping tasks.


To thin nitrocellulose lacquers, ethyl cellulose, acrylic, vinyl acetate chloride copolymers and epoxies.

Product advantages:

• Does not stain and evaporates fast
• Excellent for cleaning tools
• To dilute various resins in natural solvents
• To use in workshops and manufacturing



    Product number: 7090HA
  • Available with re-usable center-pull canister which eases use in workshops and increases wipe efficiency.
  • Large range of presaturation solutions such as Ethanol. Depending on how wipes are to be used. For any other solvent-based or water-based saturation solution, please contact us.