Aero Leather Care

  • Not aggressive
  • Formulation without non-flammable solvent
  • Contains vegetable waxes
  • Does not contain silicone or glycerine
  • Leaves a pleasant scent after use
  • Does not leave rings
  • Does not change colours

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  • Ready-to-use product in a spray container
  • Apply with a clean, soft cloth
  • Apply directly to the leather and rub with a soft cloth.
    Allow to dry.

For optimum protection, use LEATHER PERFECT nourishing cream at regular intervals.


  • Especially designed for regular cleaning of leather
  • Cleaning: up to 250 seats with a 500 ml spray
  • Usage in the aeronautical sector


  • BSS7434 (Note: Boeing D6-7127 was cancelled and superseded by BSS7434 on 04-Jun-2019)
  • PSA certified to ISO 9001 version 2008 (since 10/07/2006)
  • NATO Code : FA2X6

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