L’envolee air perfume 108

L’ENVOLEE 108 has been developed to achieve a new type of comfort, especially in confined areas. Today, air treatment is a major aspect in transportation. L’ENVOLEE 108 is used by spraying the perfume in the area that needs to be treated: cabin, toilets, VIP lounges…

One second spray treats 20 m3.

Product number: AR0006525 / AR0006524


  • Safe propellent for the ozone layer (approved propellent by W.H.O. in 1996)
  • NONFLAMMABLE (conforms to the regulation)
  • Natural aromatic oils
  • Eight fragrances available : Take Off, Tutti Frutti, Long Range, Jibe, Caribbean, Eau de Cedrat, Eclat, Calypso
  • Slight and fresh scent to control unpleasant odours in the close confines of aircraft cabins
  • Dry product which does not stain
  • Especifically designed to both deodorize and achieve effective and long-lasting odour control


• Nonflammable aerosol: Tested by an independent laboratory in line with directive 2008/47 of 08 April 2008.

• PSA certified to ISO 9001 version 2015 (since 10/07/2006)

• NATO code: FA2X6

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