The Rochem Jet engine wash system represents the latest, efficient, effective and low cost ownership technology for the on – wing cleaning of any type and size of aircraft jet engine.

One of the most common causes of performance reduction encountered by users of gas turbines, is fouling. Fouling can often account for more than 70% of the operational performance loss. Certain contaminants, such as dirt, dust, oil, pollen and salt tend to stick to the airfoil surface resulting in changes to the aerofoil inlet angle and the aerofoil shape as well as increasing surface roughness and causing the airfoil throat aperture to narrow.

These changes combine and result in a degradation of the gas path components’ pumping capacity and efficiency.

When the mass flow decreases, so does thrust. This means that the rotational speed must increase in order to maintain thrust. However, the decreased isentropic efficiency causes an increase in TET and SFC which reduces engine life and increases operating costs.

Compressor performance deterioration due to fouling can be recovered by carrying out regular on-wing engine washing. The Rochem Jet Wash system utilises the latest engine wash and waste technology to deliver an efficient, effective, environmentally friendly and low-cost solution. What’s more, is designed specifically for the on-wing cleaning of any type and size of turbo-fan engine.


  • Significantly reduced fuel burn, typically 1 to 1.5 % per year
  • Consistent, predictable results from engine wash
  • Longer on – wing times
  • Operator choice of using hot water washing only or hot wash with the addition of detergents to further improve cleaning effect
  • Patent atomizing nozzle injection system maximizes compressor (and main fan) cleaning result with minimum usage workload
  • Easier maintenance process and procedure
  • Engine wash times, including set up, reduced to minutes, not hours
  • Unsurpassed cost/benefit ratios
  • Extremely short pay back/amortization periods
  • Minimal maintenance requirements, no consumables apart from water (and small amount detergent, if used)
  • Safe, self-positioning system, no physical connection whatsoever to the engine being washed.

PSA Inflight & Interior Cleaning

ROCHEM’s washing system will improve the engine performance and fuel consumption 75- to 80%.  The video below shows the streaks and lack of coverage that happens when a hand held hose is used.  The engine is on a Citation but the action and distribution is very relevant and considering a larger engine the results are even worse.

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