Sontara® SPS E-4543 Degreasing Cloth – in rolls

When it comes to automotive refinishing, Sontara® Surface Preparation System has a definite performance edge at every stage of the refinishing process.

The Sontara® Surface Preparation System is a family of technologically advanced wiping solutions that act as the basis for a perfect finish. Our products are engineered for the specific demands of the automotive re- finishing industry.

Because Sontara® products are strong, low-linting and work well with a variety of cleaners, you get the job done right, the first time, leading to greater productivity and lower cost.

Sontara® Surface Preparation System wipes are clean, manufactured without glues or binders. The low particulate content and lack of binding additives helps to enhance the quality of your work.

Product Specs

  • Product number: 2045
  • Product name: SONTARA® SPS DEGREASING CLOTH – ¼ IN ROLLS D 1340 2119
  • Colour / Material: Turquoise / Creped K947S
  • Grams/m2 (gsm): 77
  • Sheet size: 325mm x 390mm

Packaging: 400 wipes / roll

Sontara IPS-Group