Veboschmidt Aeroclean T 600 Spray

Aeroclean T 600 Spray is an aldehyde- and phenol free cleaner for fast hygienic cleaning of all water-resistant surfaces on the aircraft.


This product also works well for industrial purposes and within the food industry. It can be used for all hygienic cleaning outside the aircraft and is completely odor-free.

Technical Data

Product number: VS04-100ml, VS04-200ml, VS04-500ml, VS04-5L, VS04-10L, VS04-20L

Size: 32 oz., 1 gallon, 5 gal., 55 gal.


  • AMS 1452C
  • LH Specification
  • Boeing D6-17487
  • Airbus u. McDonnell Douglas regulations
  • ASTM F 487
  • DIN EN 1276
  • DIN EN 13704

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